Mammography Scanner

Mammography System and Refurbished Mammography System Exporter and Supplier. Moreover, GE Bone Densitometer and Console Desk are part of our product line.

Siemens Mammography Workstation


AEC Detector Solid-state

FDA Clearance Yes

Generator Type Constant Potential, high Frequency, Inverter

kV Range 20-39 kV, Increments of 1 kV

mAs Range 3-500 mAs

Parameters Controlled Automatic time, Automatic kV, Automatic Filter

Time Range, Sec. 0.4-5 sec

Type Digital

Filter Mo

X-ray release options Hand switch

X-Ray tube anode material Mo

Brand GE Healthcare 

GE Senographe DMR Mammography


FDA Clearance Yes
Focal Spots Large 0.3 mm
Focal Spots Small 0.1 mm
High Frequency Generator 5 kW
mAs Range 4-500 mAs
Source to Image Distance (SID) 66 cm
Type Digital
Equipment Type Mammogram Machine
X-ray release options Hand switch ,Control console
Brand GE Healthcare

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