MRI Machines

RADIMAGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. is the manufacturer and supplier of the perfect quality MRI Scanner which is formulated by using robust materials as well as sophisticated techniques. These machines are categorized into certain types such as scanner, open, symphony, etc. which are provided with water cooled gradient system. MRI Machines are applicable in hospitals as well as diagnostic centers which provides optimum quality of an image while scanning the body of a particular person. Furthermore, these are number attributes of these machines such as durability, low maintenance, high performance, smooth surface, reliability, rust & corrosion proof, etc.

Magnetom Essenza 1.5T MRI Scanner

Based on the tim technology, the Magnetom Essenza 1.5T MRI Scanner can be easily installed in the sites of an area less than 325 square feet. Operating at the 1.5-Tesla magnetic field strength, the scanner produces high-resolution images with the strong diagnosis. The excellent image quality of this scanner makes it fit for clinical applications like cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, angiography, oncology, pediatrics etc. Also, doctors use this scanner for prenatal diagnosis of patients for detecting fetus abnormalities at the earliest stages. The scanner has 25 integrated coil elements and parallel-acquisition compatible design which enhances the overall diagnostic confidence. After installation of this Magnetom Essenza 1.5T MRI Scanner, the overall cost and MR energy bill have been decreased.

Offers parallel imaging in all directions
Equipped with a water-cooled gradient system of 55T/m/s slew rate
Powerful V-engine gradients of up to 30mT/m
An ultra-short bore-length of 145 cm

Hitachi Airis 0.3T Permanent Magnet MRI Scanner

Panoramic design of this Hitachi Airis 0.3T Permanent Magnet MRI Scanner increases its demand in the hospitals and diagnostic centers. The machine provides excellent image quality after scanning the whole body of a patient with utmost reliability. Equipped with LCD color display, the machine comes with a computer (1GB memory) of 64-bit RISC based architecture. Each machine is designed with an award-winning asymmetrical gantry design of 43cm (17 inches). Operating on two-speed power driven longitudinal movement, the machine has a gradient system of 15mT/m amplitude and 30T/m/sec slew rate. Engineers design this Hitachi Airis 0.3T Permanent Magnet MRI Scanner with a table of 80cm(31.5 inches) width and 45cm(17.7 inches) drop.

Computer with DICOM 3.0 compatibility
Provided with table weight limit of 500 lbs
Gauss fringe field: 6.6(h) x 8.2(v)

GE Signa Profile 0.2T Open MRI Machine

The GE Signa Profile 0.2T Open MRI Machine utilizes magnetic resonance imaging technique to scan the whole body of a patient. Patient-friendly functioning of this machine eliminates patients anxiety and claustrophobia even without compromising diagnostic utility. The machine performs its operation in multiple imaging modes like tailored RF, slice & frequency zip, extended dynamic range, multislice, localizer, a single slice, etc. Some advanced attributes of this machine are high homogeneity, patient-friendly design and real-time interactive interface. Featured a head coil with mirror, the machine is operated in three phase power supply of 200-480 volts. We provide this GE Signa Profile 0.2T Open MRI Machine with a single cabinet configuration to allow easy sitting. Ideal for clinical applications, the machine has a gauss fringe field of 1.7m/ 1.7m and magnetic dimensions of 147x214x193cm.

Overall scanning strength: 15 mT/m
TR: 6 to 12000 msec in increments of 1 msec
TE: 1.3 to 2000 msec in increments of 1 msec
Provides 2D and 3D slice of thickness 2.7mm - 20mm and 0.2mm - 5mm respectively

Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5t MRI Scanner

The Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5t MRI Scanner is used in hospitals and diagnostic centers to reduce overall training time, streamline workflow and to speed up patient throughput. Based on IPA and revolutionary coil concept, the scanner provides a large field of view up to 50cm/20 inch for the entire body examination. You can easily place this scanner against a wall with one dual cabinet. This scanner provides powerful body scanning with excellent patients comfort and high efficiency. We provide this Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5t MRI Scanner with a panoramic array to allow flexible combinations of up to 4 different coils. The scanner has magnetic weight of 4,050 kg / 8,900 lbs, wide & patient-friendly inner bore diameter of 60 cm / 2 ft., gradient field strength of up to 20/30 mT/m.

Can be easily sited in the space of 323 square foot
Reduces up to 75% scan time and enhances scanning efficiency up to 20%
The ultra-compact magnet of 1.5T
Product Details

Bore Size 60 cm
Usage Hospital
System Length 147 cm
Slew Rate 100 T/m/s
Powerful V-engine Gradients Upto 30mT/m
Minimum Room Size 30 m2
Magnet Length 131 cm
Gradient Strength V-engine (30 mT/m @ 100 T/m/s)
Field Strength 1.5 Tesla

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